Recent developments

Liquid Optical Vessel LOV102, 2022

Spectrophotometry studies of liquid samples at high pressure and at moderate temperatures using Sapphire windows.

High capacity gas compressor – technological, 2022

Piston-type high capacity gas compressor for supplying high pressure technological vessels with a volume of several liters.

Gas compressor 300 MPa_technological_1

Gas Optical cell GOC202, 2021

High pressure optical measurements at cryogenic temperatures using CVD Diamond windows.

Gas optical cell GOC202_7

Continuous flow reactor U400, 2021

High pressure continuous flow reactor for chemical reactions in various solvents under high pressure in continuous flow mode.

Liquid system U33 (hydraulically driven), 2021

High pressure liquid system for bio-sciences (especially for PATS- pressure assisted thermal sterilization).

Pascalizator series U5000, 2020

3 liters high pressure food processing unit.


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